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Our embroidery on metal has its roots in the traditional cross stitch, but soon developed into an exclusive technique which adapts to the curves of a jewel’s surface and shapes itself accordingly. 

In the beginning the pieces were embroidered by the brand’s designer, Maria Frering, but with growing demand the brand reached out to COOPA-ROCA. 

COOPA-ROCA is a social company that began in the Rocinha favela in 1981.

From 2015 it has expanded into a central area of Rio de Janeiro and began working with textile artisans from many underprivileged areas of Rio de Janeiro. 

COOPA-ROCA’s mission is to provide technical training for artisans looking to achieve financial empowerment through work. 

In the start of 2020, 75 artisans had subscribed to the textile crafts workshops. The workshops focus on the enhancement of each artisan’s set of textile skills and as a consequence improves the quality of service provided by COOPA-ROCA as a whole. 

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